1:32 Triple-Set McLa. M23/312T /Tyr. P34

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Product: 1:32 Triple-Set McLa. M23/312T /Tyr. P34

Held on the 18th of July 1976 at the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent the British Grand Prix was the 9th round of the 1976 season. The season had seen many great battles between the reigning champion Nikki Lauda and the up and coming British driver James Hunt in his McLaren. Home support was most definitely behind Hunt and he lined up on the grid right behind Lauda, with the two championship protagonists closing out the front row of the grid. At the start chaos ensued, with Laudas teammate Regazzoni capitalising on a poor start from Hunt to come through the field. He made contact with the left rear of Laudas car and pitched him into a spin and broke his wheel. Various cars then hit Regazzoni and Hunt was also eliminated. The race was stopped, with Hunt sprinting back to the pits for his spare car. However, the officials decided that only drivers in their original cars could compete, so James jumped back into his original machine, and under pressure from a crowd that was rapidly becoming unruly he was allowed to start the race. During the race Lauda and Hunt set a scorching pace, before James passed on the 45th lap as gearbox problems afflicted the car of Lauda. Scheckter in the distinctive P34 Tyrrell was up to fourth by this point, and with the retirement of Regazzoni he was able to grab the final podium spot. After the race, some teams appealed against Hunt being allowed to compete, as he had not been running at the end of the first lap of the original start. The appeal reached the FIA and eventually Hunt was indeed disqualified, for outside assistance, promoting Lauda to first and Scheckter to Second with John Watson inheriting the final podium spot. The story of the 1976 season of course was not over, Lauda suffered his tragic accident, made his incredible comeback but in the rain of Fuji Hunt was victorious.

1:32 ROFGO Collect. Gulf Triple Pack HD

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Product: 1:32 ROFGO Collect. Gulf Triple Pack HD

Few liveries in the history of motorsport are quite as famous, as iconic or as successful as Gulf. The American Oil company has a long history of sponsoring racing cars competing in various forms of Motorsport, from Formula One, to LeMans, Touring Cars to Rally. Amongst its proudest achievements are wins at LeMans in 1968, 1969 and 1975. The firs two wins coming with a Ford GT40.
While Gulf today is still very active in motorsport, it is its rich heritage that attracts many to the brand. The custodians of much of this tremendous heritage is the ROFGO collection. Formed by Roald Goethe the collection consists of some of the most famous raving cars in history. All resplendent in the famous, though differing shades, of blue and orange.
From the GT40s that raced first in this amazing scheme, scoring victories across the world in long distance sports car racing, to the monster cars of the 1970s, the Porsche 917s and Mirage DFV powered cars, right up to the modern sports racing cars the collection contains it all, with only a couple of pieces missing.
From the 1990s a pair of Gulf McLaren F1 GTRs are the highlights. The short tailed car featured here, in a departure from the normal colour scheme, as well as a long tail later version of this amazing racing supercar.
From the 2000s the collection focuses on Aston Martin. The relationship with the famous brand flourished in this era and the class winning Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 cars take pride of place alongside the older cars, their achievements keeping them in prime position within the collection. A tremendous group of motor cars, the ROFGO collection is truly a treasure trove of racing, and Gulf, history.

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