Article number: 540006079
Product: 1:35 Horse-Drawn 2,8cm sPzB41 AT Gun&JFB

Horses have been heavily used in warfare for centuries, and WWII was no different despite the widespread use of soft-skin and armored vehicles. Dragon is particularly animated about its latest assortment, which happens to include two 1/35 scale kits featuring horses. Indeed, the kits depict a horse pulling small wheeled wagons such as munitions trailers or anti-tank weapons.

Such infantry equipment pulled by a horse was infinitely preferable to solders having to lug it around themselves. These sets of German subjects are very well detailed – whether horse, carriage or soldier – and it’s true that they have not been available on shop shelves for a long time. Thus, modelers will find it difficult to say "neigh" to this offer!

Detailed plastic kit

1:35 Horse-Drawn 2,8cm sPzB41 AT Gun&JFB

  • Article number: 540006079
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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