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Reflex Switch 2/4 Power allocator
Reflex Switch 2/4 Power allocator

Reflex Switch 2/4 Power allocator

  • Article number: 500503062
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Product information

Article number: 500503062
Product: Reflex Switch 2/4 Power allocator

The distribution terminal allows for easy connection (almost solderless) of additional components to the drive battery, such as a switch module. The battery cable does not need to be disconnected. The circuit board features two spring-loaded terminals. A red 5-pin terminal is connected to the positive pole via a resettable fuse, and a black 3-pin terminal is connected directly to the negative pole. In the event of a short circuit, the fuse quickly provides a high impedance and interrupts the flow of current almost entirely. This state is maintained for the duration of the short circuit. The fuse then reverts to its initial state shortly after the short circuit has been eliminated. Due to the time delay, higher currents can also be realized for a short time. (It is recommended to tin the cable ends.)

Compatible with CARSON Reflex Switch 2/4
500503060 Reflex 6/14-channel switch 2 (2x 2.5 A)
500503061 Reflex 6/14-channel switch 4 (4x 2.5A)

Package contents:
Power distributor (ready to use), instructions.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Product details

Technical data:
Operating voltage: max. 16 V/DC
Power connection: Socket/Tamiya connector
Connection terminal: 5-pin positive terminal (+/red), 3-pin negative terminal (-/black)
Cable cross-section: 0.25 mm² to 1.00 mm²
Dimensions: 35 x 15 x 22 mm
Weight: approx. 21 g