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An RC model without a remote control? Unthinkable! After all, it's the RC remote control option that makes RC cars so much fun. Learn all about RC remote control functionality, types of remote controls for RC cars and maintenance of RC controllers.

The working process of an RC remote control - A guide
The RC remote control is the element - or more precisely, the interaction of many elements - that enables you to operate your RC vehicle remotely. The RC remote control function is based on the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is located in the RC controller and sends radio signals to the receiver, which is located in the model itself. The transmitter therefore converts the position of the controller components into radio signals and transmits them to the receiver, which in turn decodes them and filters them for "usable commands". If you operate the steering on the RC controller, for example, this signal transmission ensures that your model changes direction according to your instructions.

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Different types of RC remote controls at a glance
Get an overview of the most common types of RC remote controls:

Two-channel remote controls

The RC remote control functions are linked to channels. For each channel that the remote control has, it can control one control element - such as a engine or servo. To operate a standard RC car or boat, you therefore need a remote control with at least two channels so that speed and steering can be controlled. Products that are limited to two channels are referred to as dual-channel remote controls.

Multi-channel remote controls

Multi-channel remote controls have more than two channels. For example, at least three RC remote control channels are required to control an airplane, so you absolutely need a multi-channel remote control for this.

AM and FM RC remote controls

You may have already read the abbreviations "AM" and "FM" in connection with RC remote control functionality. AM stands for "amplitude modulated" and describes a simple type of radio transmission that is usually used with inexpensive RC remote controls. More expensive models generally work with FM radio, whereby the abbreviation FM means "frequency modulated".

How to find the right RC controller for you
When buying an RC controller, you should consider these aspects:

RC remote control channels
Consider in advance how many radio channels you need to control your model. This will help you narrow down the selection of suitable products.

Frequency and range
Analog and digital devices differentiate in terms of frequency. For analog models, this is between 27 and 40 MHz, while digital devices transmit at 2.4 to 5.8 GHz. Today, digital models in the frequency range around 2.4 GHz are the most common, as they allow coupling with the remote control and have a pleasant resistance to low-frequency interference. Also find out about the range of the individual products, which indicates the maximum distance between the transmitter and receiver without affecting the RC remote control's functionality 

User-friendliness and operation
Of course, the RC controller of your choice should be user-friendly. The operating mode should suit your preferences and not restrict you in controlling your RC car.

Finally, you should make sure that your favorite RC remote control fits your RC model. The magic word here is “compatibility”.

Your ultimate guide to the maintenance and care of RC remote controls

The basic maintenance of an RC remote control is simple. You can wipe the controller occasionally to remove any dust deposits. You can get into finer grooves with a brush or toothbrush. If your controller has a display, you can protect it from environmental influences and potential damage with a protective film. 

If you notice any defects on your RC remote control, it is important to act immediately and not simply continue using the device. Take a closer look at all the components to identify the defective area. If you have the necessary parts and know-how, you may be able to repair minor defects yourself. Otherwise, hand the RC remote control over to a specialist dealer for repair and maintenance

Useful strategies for increasing the performance of your RC remote control
These tips will help you get the most out of your remote control for RC cars:

Calibrating the remote control for RC cars
Calibration is the precise adjustment of your vehicle's remote control. This step is necessary for problem-free control. How exactly the calibration works differs depending on the model and is usually described in the instructions. After some time of use, it may be necessary to recalibrate. This is the case, for example, if you notice that your vehicle reacts to control signals with a delay or does not track correctly.

Dealing with interference

If interference occurs, you should first pay attention to the antenna. Damage at this point can cause interferences, which is why you should always handle the antenna with care and never roll or bend it. You can then check whether the engine and controller are positioned too close to the receiver, which can also lead to annoying interference. Interference is also often caused by simultaneously controlling two vehicles with the same frequency in the immediate vicinity.

Using the model memory
Thanks to the model memory, you can save the remote control settings for several models and access them when you connect a model. This means you can easily control several models with one RC remote control - even if not simultaneously. RC controllers with more than ten model memory slots are available today for a very low price.

Important safety instructions when using RC controllers
In the interests of safety, you should regularly check the functionality of your RC car remote control. Carry out a thorough inspection, examining all elements and checking that they are intact. If you discover a defect or notice a fault when using or loading the products, you should definitely repair (or have it repaired) or replace the remote control for RC cars before you start your next RC adventure. 

Conclusion: Important points to consider with Carson RC remote controls

The RC remote control functionality may seem complex at first, but thanks to the logical transmitter/receiver principle, it is quite easy to understand and works reliably. To avoid making the wrong purchase, you should inform yourself about the different types of RC controllers before buying and find out which models are ideal for your purposes. Take a look around Carson and find a high-quality RC remote control that will take your RC driving fun to the next level!

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