1:35 T-34/76 STZ Mod.1942
1:35 T-34/76 STZ Mod.1942

1:35 T-34/76 STZ Mod.1942

  • Article number: 540006453
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years


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Product information

Article number: 540006453
Product: 1:35 T-34/76 STZ Mod.1942

The T-34 has been described as the most important weapon to help Russia win the war in the East. One location that produced the T-34 was the Stalingrad Tractor Plant (STZ), which became famous for its role in the brutal Battle of Stalingrad. STZ used blueprints provided by Factory No. 183 in Kharkov to produce the T-34, but it modified them slightly to suit locally available components. Given that 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, a decisive turning point in WWII, Dragon is releasing two new kits of the T-34/76 STZ Mod.1941 and Mod.1942 in 1/35 scale. Each kit is a 2-in-1 offering, meaning that slightly different configurations for each model year are possible. As to be expected, the models are simply bulging with detail. There are photo-etched parts to represent fine elements. A bonus alimunum gun barrel with rifling is also offered. The tank is shod in Magic Tracks that assemble quickly and easily. Eighty years on, with the restart of production, modelers are now able to assemble a Russian T-34/76 tank from the famous STZ factory!

Detailed Plastic Kit

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