1:35 "DesperateDefense"(KorsunPocket'44)
1:35 "DesperateDefense"(KorsunPocket'44)

1:35 "DesperateDefense"(KorsunPocket'44)

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Product information

Article number: 540006273
Product: 1:35 "DesperateDefense"(KorsunPocket'44)

When Germany invaded Russia on 22 June 1941, the Eastern Front (from Germany’s geographical perspective) was opened and it was to become the greatest conflagration in human history. Fighting on the Ostfront was a brutal affair, and it eventually became the main cause of Germany’s defeat. Now Dragon has brought together a collection of eight 1/35 scale figure sets that portray German soldiers fighting on the deadly Eastern Front in the late-war period from 1944 through to mid-1945.

There are some favorite classics among these kits, plus half of them are finely detailed Gen2 figure sets. The plastic figures depict German soldiers in different parts of the Ostfront in different weather conditions, defending vigorously as they make the long retreat back towards Germany. All figures are sharply molded and authentically sculpted, and this assortment allows modelers to restock these versatile subjects.

Detailed plastic kit


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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