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Nitro Powered Cars 1:8

1:8 Virus 4.0 Pro V32 2.4G RTR

SKU: 500204033

1:8 Virus V21 2.4G RTR

SKU: 500204031

1:8 CY Specter Two Sport V25 ARR

SKU: 500202007

Article number: 500202007 Product: 500202007

The latest technology and a wide range of tuning options make the Specter the “Number One”. Even better appearance with the new, aerodynamically improved bodywork. The front axle, fitted with an aluminium control arm, has been optimised for better grip and even smoother steering. The chassis geometry allows the Specter to adapt to any surface. The whole drive train is made from hardened steel, making it very robust and resilient. It has also been designed with a very low centre of gravity, which improves road performance, traction and manoeuvrability. The two-disc braking system with metal brake discs allows for individual adjustment of the braking performance of the front and back axles. The latest generation Forceengine with extra power guarantees easier handling. Because the model is supplied largely pre-assembled it doesn‘t take long before it‘s ready for the road.
The following criteria were given primary consideration during the design process:
• good entry level model
• potential for tuning upgrade to high tech model
• max. speed and rich acceleration
• lowest possible centre of gravity
• best possible traction
• reliable and robust differential
• a chassis with the potential for adjusting toe and camber
• adjustable shock absorber characteristics
• remote control protected from spray by RC box.

Necessary accessories:
Nitro-Set N° 500905082
Nitro Fuel 16 % N° 500905191
Mignon-Set NiMH batteries N° 500609042
Receiver battery 1600 mAh N° 500608104
Expert Charger xBase 2.0 se N° 500606053
2x CS-9 Servo N° 500502024
Reflex Wheel Pro 3 GHz LCD N° 500500054
Switch N° 500503032

Assembled model with complete bodywork, 4.1 ccm Force high-performance nitro engine, detailed instruction manual

Safety note:
Not for children under 14 years. The packaging has to be kept since it contains important informations. Illustration may vary from actual product in the box. CARSON reserves the rights to change, update or replace any component at any time.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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