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CARSON Modelsport

1:14 RC Liebherr LR634 Track Loader Kit

SKU: 500907111

Article number: 500907111 Product: 1/14 RC Liebherr LR634 Track Loader Kit

Liebherr Track Loader LR 634 The original: For the Litronic LR 634 crawler loader, the proven Liebherr hydrostatic drive system is used. Both chains have independent friction drive. The Litronic LR 634 system allows optimal control of driving speed and all steering movements. With a simple hand movement you can select any steering radius, right down to in-place rotation. The robust bell-crank linkage with cast cross tube provides maximum breakaway torque for the loading shovel, and the deep rake of the windscreen gives the best possible view of the work equipment. With lots of massive steel and aluminium components, the CARSON model of the Liebherr LR 634 track loader is a true heavyweight, and above all an operational construction vehicle at 1:14 scale. At 8 kg unloaded and with a powerful chain drive, this "little" track loader is a real workhorse. The loading shovel and main frame are made of steel, giving the model the stability to handle shovel and lift operations. The steel mast is brought to life by an optional powerful spindle drive. The 2-studded chain of reinforced plastic is run by steel support rollers and ensures traction on any terrain. Countless fittings and interior equipment in the cabin give the model an authentic look. The CARSON LR 634 track loader is heavy metal for the construction sit!

Nececcary accessories:
• 50 090 7102  1:14 LR634 Lift & Shovel Spindle Drive
• 50 090 7066  Spindle Drive Gearbox-Motor LR634
• 50 090 7108  1:14 LR634 Gearbox-Motor shovel/ripper Spindle Drive
• 50 090 7105  1:14 LR634 Gear train drive components Set
• 50 090 7106  Drive Gearbox-Motor Liebherr Track Loader
• 50 090 7104  1:14 LR634 Aluminum Rear Ripper Set
• 50 090 7103  1:14 LR634 Electronic Control Unit

Safety note:
Not for children under 14 years. The packaging has to be kept since it contains important informations. Illustration may vary from actual product in the box. CARSON reserves the rights to change, update or replace any component at any time.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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