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Article number: 500787264
Product: 1:72 WWII Sov. Bomber PE-8 Petlyakov

Size: 32 cm
Parts: 305

The maiden flight of the first Pe-8 prototype was in December 1936. With a wingspan of 39 m and length of 23 m the giant aircraft had a speed of up to 405 km/h. Carrying 2 000 kg of bomb- load, the bomber could repulse attacks of enemy fighters by cannons and machine-gun fire. On the night of August 8, 1941, Pe- 8 squadrons bombed Berlin for the first time. In the battle of Kursk the bombers were successfully used to bomb the Germany Army. Pe-8s were used for bombardments of Koenigsberg fortifications. The Pe-8 was the most perfect Soviet long distance bomber. Only 93 aircraft were produced.

PE-8 Sowj.Bomber 1/72

1:72 WWII Sov. Bomber PE-8 Petlyakov

  • Article number: 500787264
  • Age recommendation: from 12 years
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