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Article number: 500788083
Product: 1/72 WWI Figure-Set German Infantry

Size: 2,4 cm
Parts: 41

Germany entered World War I on August 1, 1914, declaring war on Russia, on August 3 and 4 war was declared on France and the British Empire. The Germans fought in the Western, Eastern, Italian, and Balkan Fronts. The German infantry was armed with Mauser 98 standard magazine rifles, along with Mauser, Luger, and Dreyse pistols. Beginning in 1916, the Germans used Stielhandgranate antipersonnel grenades. The MG 08 heavy machine gun, which was a German version of the Maxim gun, was used to support infantrymen. It was especially effective during the so-called Trench Warfare, frightening the Entente infantry attacks. The MP18, Germany's first submachine gun was designed and adopted into service by the end of WWI.

1:72 WW I Figure-Set Ger. Infantry

  • Article number: 500788083
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