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Article number: 500788035
Product: 1/72 Saxon Cuirassiers 1810-1814

Parts: 16
Size: 2,4 cm

Cuirassiers were elite cavalry intended for the breakthrough of the enemy formations. In the Battle of Borodino "the Great Army" of Napoleon consisted of the Saxon cuirassiers regiments: the Gardes du Corps and the Zastrow Cuirassiers. On the day of the Battle these regiments took part in the attack at the village of Semenovskaya where they breakthrough three squares of Russian infantry. In the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 the Saxon cuirassiers became famous for their brave attacks on the enemy.

Saxon Cuirassiers 1810-1814

1:72 Saxon Cuirassiers 1810-1814

  • Article number: 500788035
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