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Product: 1:72 Samurai Warriors-Cavalry

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For the first time horses appeared in Japan in late IV - in early V century. They were brought from the Continent and were always highly valued. Only noble samurai (bushi) were taught riding. A rider applied archery, sword craft, spear skills and even art of weaponless combat. A mounted samurai used military art methods, specially adapted to his position on a moving horse. Trained horse felt its rider so well that instinctively, simultaneously with its rider's movements it jumped aside, rose on its hind legs, so that to raise its rider for striking, or furiously rushed into the battle. When one mounted samurai fought with another one, both riders used their horses' skills as much as possible, gaining advantage from their mobility and perfect movement coordination.

Samurai Warriors-Cavalry

1:72 Samurai Warriors-Cavalry

  • Article number: 500788025
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
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