Article number: 500788075
Product: 1:72 Lifeguard Polish Uhlans

This kit includes:
- 18 figures on horses in 9 different poses
- 1 commander
- 1 officer
- 1 trumpeter
- 15 uhlans with sabres, lances and pistols

When Napoleon I had been entered into Warsaw he had escort of group of the Polish nobleman. The emperor was impressed deeply with their excellent military bearing and craftsmanship. In 1807 he ordered to form regiment of the Polish light cavalry which warriors, besides common weapon of cavalryman (sabre, pistols, carabine) were armed with long spears also. Uhlans had been participated in campaign against Spain and Russia. When Napoleon I was thrown down and sent to Elba Island he also had been escorted by 120 Polish uhlans accompanied him into his exile at Elba Island.

1:72 Lifeguard Polish Uhlans

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  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
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