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Article number: 500787279
Product: 1/72 IL-2 "Stormovik" mod. 1942

Length of the model: 160 mm
Parts: 75

Kit contains 4 sprues.
Decals for 2 Soviet units included.

The Ilyushin IL-2M first entered service in the autumn of 1942. The aircraft had been upgunned by installing 23mm Weapons and a 12,7mm machinegun at the rear for added protection. The availability of a reargunner basically reduced the risks from attacks by enemy fighters. Now the crews of the IL-2M could not only inflict heavy losses on the enemy but were also with extra firepower able to more successfully protect their airplane.

Detailed Plastic Kit of Model
Ilyushin IL-2M Soviet WWII
in Scale 1:72

1:72 Ilyushin IL-2 „Stormovik“ mod. 1942

  • Article number: 500787279
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