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Article number: 500787265 Product: 1/72 Combat Bomber SUKHOI SU-24

Length of the model: 325 mm

Modern Russian / Soviet front line Bomber, still in service since 1974.

This kit includes: - Version with new parts - Decals for 2 Russian Airforce squadrons

The Su-24 is a highly effective, long-range, variable geometry wing bomber, which can employ conventional and nuclear weapons. It is capable of using both bombs and air-to-surface missiles to accurately strike targets in all weather conditions. The aircraft is also equipped with a six-barrel, 23mm GSh-6-23 or GSh-6-23M cannon with 500 rounds. The bomb armament consists of free fall bombs ranging in weight from 100 kg to 1500 kg.

Detailed Plastic Kit of Model Combat Bomber SUKHOI SU-24 in Scale 1:72

1:72 Combat Bomber SUKHOI SU-24

  • Article number: 500787265
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