Article number: 500789054
Product: 1:700 Russian Destroyer "Sovremenny"

Size: 23 cm
Parts: 144

The lead ship of the Project 956 destroyer Sovremenny was launched on November 18, 1978. Two steam turbine engines GTZA-674 producing 100,000 hp in total allow the 156- meters destroyer with full-load displacement of 7904 tons to have speed up to 33 knots. Sovremenny is armed with Moskit anti-ship missiles and Uragan surface-to-air missile systems. The destroyer has two double 533 mm torpedo tubes with four SET-65 torpedoes two AK-130/54 twin 130 mm mounts, four six-barrel 30 mm AK-630 artillery systems. The ship accommodates one Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter. Sovremenny was in service from 1985 in the Mediterranean, later in Severomorsk, but was decommissioned in 1998 due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and insufficient funds.

1:700 Russian Destroyer "Sovremenny"

  • Article number: 500789054
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