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Product: Russian Battleship Oriol

Size: 34,5 cm
Parts: 356 parts

The "Oriol" was one of the most powerful and perfect ships at the start of the 20th century. The ship's armament consisted of four 305-mmguns, twelve 152-mm gun sand more than forty 47-75-mm guns. In the course of preparation for the Far East campaign, the "Oriol" was equipped with optic sights for75-305mm guns, range-finder sand "wireless telegraphy" stations. On 14th of May 1905 the battleship took part in the Tsushima naval battle against the Japanese fleet as a part of the Russian 2nd Pacific squadron.

Detailed static model kit

1:350 Russian Imperial Battleship"Oriol"

  • Article number: 500789029
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