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Article number: 500787002
Product: 1:144 TU-160 Rus.Supers.Bomber BlackJack

Size: 37,5 cm
Parts: 153

Strategic bomber Tu-160 can strike any object on Earth with nuclear and conventional weapon. The first flight of Tu-160, an aircraft with complete set of equipment for series bomber, took place October 6, 1984. The variable sweep wing makes Tu-160 capable of flying both at low altitudes in the regime of movement along the landscape and at high altitudes (also with supersonic speed). Special features of aerodynamic layout together with realization of a range of technical solutions significantly decrease the radar distinctness of the bomber. Tu-160 is the largest series combat aircraft in the world. The Russian Air Forces have 14 machines.

Detailed Plastic Kit of model
U-160 Rus.Sup.Bomber BlackJack
in scale 1:144

1:144 TU-160 Rus.Supers.Bomber BlackJack

  • Article number: 500787002
  • Age recommendation: from 12 years
Is not available from the factory
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