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Article number: 500787016
Product: 1/144 Ekranoplan A-90

Length of the model: 401 mm
Parts: 38

Decals for 2 Soviet/Russian planes.

The A-90 Orlyonok is a ground effect vehicle designed in the Design Bereau of Rostislav Alexeev, designer of the famous passenger hydrofoil highspeed ships Raketa, Meteor and others. Orlyonok was intended to air drop forces with a range of 1,500 km range and a speed up to 500 km/h. With a speed like an aircraft, the Ekranoplan has ship-like carrying capacity. The front end of the Orlyonok can open sideways and take on board up to 200 fully equipped marines or two armored vehicles (tanks, APC or IFV). A-90 is not affected by sea mines and other obstructions because it flies several meter above water level or other reatively flat surface and can land on a beach. Three such ground effect units were built, the firs of them entered service with the Soviet Naval Aviation in 1977.

1:144 Ekranoplan A-90

  • Article number: 500787016
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