Article number: 500786159
Product: 1/100 Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76

Parts: 8
Size: 6 cm
No glue required

The T-34/76 was the most famous tank of World War II. Unlike the 1942 model, this modification, which appeared in 1943, had a changed turret and two round hatches. That allowed placing a radio station in the turret and an increased weapon load. Vehicles of this type took part in Battle of Kursk and many other great battles. Contents: 1 unpainted tank - 1 unit flag Card for wargame can be downloaded from website:

Detailed Plastic Kit of model
Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76
in scale 1:100

1:100 Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76

  • Article number: 500786159
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
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