Article number: 500789011
Product: 1/100 English Brigantine

Size: 45 cm
Parts: 305

Sails: vacuformed plastic, thread and stand included

The word Brigantine comes form brigand which means a pirate or a robber, and in the XVI century it was the name for light pirate ships. Later when piracy spread to the Atlantic Ocean the type of the vessel changed but the name was kept. In the XVII – XVIII centuries the brigantine carried square sails on the both masts. In the XVIII century the brigantine was introduced to the military fleet as a messenger and reconnaissance ship. By the middle of the XIX century the brigantine finally became a type of the sailing vessel: it is a small two-mast ship with a square sail on the foremost and a fore-and-aft sail on the mainmast, with appx. 350 tons of displacement.

Detailed plastic model kit

1:100 English Brigantine

  • Article number: 500789011
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
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