Article number: 500783610
Product: 1:35 WWII Ger. PAK 36 w/ Crew

Length of the model: 140 mm
Parts: 142

At the beginning of the WWII on 01 September 1939 the Wehrmacht was equipped with 11.200 anti tank guns 3,7 cm Pak 35/36 that could effectively fight Polish and Soviet light tanks of the early period with their light anti bullet armor, however it couldn’t penetrate medium tanks such as British Matilda and Russian T-34 and KVs which resulted in the nickname "Door Knocker" by the Germans.
The Pak 35/36 was used on all fronts during WWII , proven by the fact that in March 1945 the Wehrmacht had still 216 units of this gun in combat service with other 670 guns stored in arsenals.

PAK 36 with Crew 1:35

1:35 WWII Ger. PAK 36 w/ Crew

  • Article number: 500783610
  • Age recommendation: from 12 years
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