Article number: 500783646
Product: 1:35 Tiger I Early (Kursk)

Length of the model: 241 mm
Parts: 335

New tooling!

Decals for 2 German units:
503th Tank Battalion, Kursk 1943
505th Tank Battalion, Kursk 1943

The Panzerkampfwagen VI TIGER I is probably the most important tank of WWII. Interior details of fighting compartement included.
Tracks: flexible, in one piece, made from a new material, which can be glued.

The heavy tank Pz. VI Tiger was designed in 1942 by Henschel Company and up to it date remains a symbol of German tank power even with just 1,354 vehicles produced. As of the date of designing it was the most powerful vehicle by its weapons and armor among all tanks in the world: its frontal armor was 100-mm thick; the 88-mm gun rebuilt from the famous German anti-aircraft gun Flak 36 plus a precision sight offering accurate firing over long distances allowed Tiger units to destroy complete columns of Allied armor up to the end of the war.

1:35 Tiger I Early (Kursk)

  • Article number: 500783646
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
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