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Article number: 510035103
Product: 1:72 UH-1C MIL Mi-24D

Model Dim.: 15,8 cm & 24 cm

"WAR THUNDER" Video Game series

Two models included - in-game bonus, glue and stand base included

Mi-24: the MIL-24 is one of the most powerful combat and assault helicopters available today, despite having been in service for about 20 years. Conceived according to the Soviet school of thought that considers the helicopter as a real flying cruiser (with great firepower to support the action of assault troops) rather than an anti-tank vehicle itself.

UH-1C: during the Vietnam conflict, the use of helicopters as a means of combat as well as transport revolutionized war tactics profoundly. In those years the UH-1, better known as Huey, was the helicopter most used by the American Army for the rapid movement of troops and their protection with the use of modified and armed versions of the same aircraft.

Detailed Plastic Kit


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

1:72 UH-1C MIL Mi-24D

  • Article number: 510035103
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