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Article number: 510015763 Product: 1:56 KV1 / KV2

Length of the model 120 mm

100% NEW MOULD (box WITHOUT accessories)

The Soviet KV-1 heavy tank was used by the Red Army during the Second World War. Its main strength was the solid armour protection that was impenetrable, except at short range, by a lot of German anti-tank guns during the first stage of Operation Barbarossa. The KV-1 was gradually modified to compete against the new generation of German tanks armed with new and powerful 75 mm and 88 mm guns. The new KV- 1B and KV-1C versions adopted the new solid turret, now cast instead of welded, more protective and stronger, and the new ZIG-5 76 mm long-barrel gun.

Detailed Plastic Kit of model KV1 / KV2 in scale 1:56

1:56 KV1 / KV2

  • Article number: 510015763
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