Article number: 540007620
Product: 1:72 TigerI EarlyProd.Wittmann's Command

This stunning new 1/72 Tiger I kit depicts the exact vehicle that Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann, Germany’s highest-scoring tank ace of WWII, commanded within the Liebstandarte (LSSAH) Division in late 1943 and early 1944 on the Eastern Front. The famous tank was well photographed wearing a winter whitewash paint scheme at the time, and command tank ‘S04’ features 88 kill rings on the barrel of the KwK.36 gun. This was because, by the time he had been awarded the Knight’s Cross on 14 January 1944 and Oak Leaves on 30 January, he had destroyed 88 enemy tanks.

Dragon’s brand new kit appropriately portrays an Early-Production command variant of the Tiger I. Dragon had released a 1/72 scale kit of such a variant before, but it used older-generation parts. However, such a famous historical tank deserves the ultimate level of accuracy and highest quality, and that is what Dragon has done with this item. A huge amount of attention has been paid on getting all the details of this newly tooled command tank just right, and of course the Cartograf decal markings for the 88 kill marks on the gun barrel are included as well. These barrel rings illustrated the power of the Tiger I as well as the skill of tank ace Wittmann. Indeed, Dragon confidently asserts that this is the ultimate depiction of any Tiger I kit released in 1/72 scale to date.

Detailed Plastic Kit

1:72 TigerI EarlyProd.Wittmann's Command

  • Article number: 540007620
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