Article number: 540007305
Product: 1:72 M4A2 Tarawa

A volute spring is a compression spring shaped in the form of a cone, and the result is greater stability and power under compression than what a leaf, coil or torsion bar spring cam provide. Indeed, American tanks of WWII mounted such volute springs in a road wheel bogie that contained two road wheels in a very compact unit. This is all known as the Vertical Volute Suspension System (VVSS), and it was used on the famous M3 Stuart, M3 Lee and M4 Sherman tanks of WWII vintage.

Dragon has now pulled together a small assortment of two 1/72 scale Armor Pro kits depicting Sherman tanks with the original VVSS. Their VVSS assemblies are rendered accurately in minute detail with multiple parts to ensure complete accuracy and faithfulness to the original suspension type. These small-scale Sherman kits are very well engineered, so modelers can be assured of an extremely smooth and bump-free assembly.

Detailed plastic kit

1:72 M4A2 Tarawa

  • Article number: 540007305
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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