Article number: 540007545
Product: 1:72 Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6

The Panther and Tiger I were very important German tanks in WWII, and the country continued the cat theme with its post-war tank programs. First came the Leopard 1, followed by the Leopard 2 that was developed in the 1970s during the Cold War. The Leopard 2 was adopted by the Bundeswehr (German Army) in 1979. Two of the more recent variants are the Leopard 2A5 and 2A6, both distinguished by their angled arrow-shaped turret armor. Meanwhile, the main difference in the Leopard 2A6 is the addition of Rheinmetall’s longer-caliber L/55 120mm gun instead of the L/44 one. The Leopard has been successfully exported to numerous countries in Europe as well as much farther afield, but it remains the backbone of the Bundeswehr’s panzer force.

Dragon Armor Pro has another Leopard 2 model kit in 1/72 scale available too, this time featuring the even more modern Leopard 2A6. Indeed, it accurately depicts this specific tank version, and obvious on this model is the longer L/55 main gun barrel. Again, the spaced armor on the turret is particularly well done, with the associated bolt heads all sharply rendered. The kit assembles easily, creating an admirable scale model of the Leopard 2A6 that equips the modern-day Bundeswehr. So much so, that this kit will have model-makers purring with delight!

Detailed Plastic Kit

1:72 Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6

  • Article number: 540007545
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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