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Article number: 500777092
Product: 1:700 USS Independence LCS-2

The battle for the seas is as important today as it was back in WWII, WWI or even much earlier. Warships thus remain important platforms for countries to project their power, to protect vulnerable sea lines of communication, to defend territorial waters and to deter intruders. Fortunately, Dragon has always been an avid designer and maker of warship kits, and here it has brought together a glittering collection of some plastic kits depicting warships from the modern era in 1/700 scale. The warships emanate from the the US Navy, and the subject matters are all modern or relatively recent vessels. Each kit is accurately molded, and modelers will marvel at how easily these Dragon kits assemble. This assortment perfectly encapsulates the importance of sea power.

Detailed sgtatic model kit


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

1:700 USS Independence LCS-2

  • Article number: 500777092
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