Article number: 540005547
Product: 1:48 Ba349D NATTER w/Launch Tower

Not only do you get the Ba 349 Natter, this kit also includes the launch tower!! This is the 1st launch tower by Dragon in high quality 1/48 scale. This complex, yet delicately produced structure, is the perfect complement to the Natter. Its overall height of around 420mm is most impressive, and it employs both plastic and photo-etched parts.

About the Ba 349:
The Bachem Natter illustrated the desperation that Germany had descended into late in WWII. This small lightweight expendable interceptor was launched vertically with the assistance of its main HWK 509A-2 rocket engine, and four SR 34 rockets providing additional thrust for takeoff. After firing on enemy aircraft (for example, Allied bombers) with its air-to-air rockets or missiles, the pilot and aircraft would part company and descend separately by parachute. This "manned missile" was designated Ba 349, and its codename was Natter (Viper). This novel aircraft was of wooden construction.

Detailed plastic kit

Special Features:
- Launch tower recreated to scale in full detail
- Magnificent structure modeled in plastic and photo-etched parts
- Includes details such as ladders, brackets, and pulleys
- Detailed photo-etched cockpit parts
- Clear parts for canopy and nose cone
- Cartograf decals offer different markings

1:48 Ba349D NATTER w/Launch Tower

  • Article number: 540005547
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