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1:48 Apollo11 LunarModule"Eagle"Astronau

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1:72 Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E TigerI

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1:700 H.M.S. Type 42 Destroyer Batch 1-3

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Product: 1:700 H.M.S. Type 42 Destroyer Batch 1-3

The Royal Navy built 14 separate guided-missile destroyers in its Type 42 class, and the type served from 1975 till 2013. Construction was actually separated into three batches. The first six destroyers in Batch 1 were commissioned from 1975-79. Batch 2 added four more destroyers from 1980-83, while the final third batch was also a quartet of ships commissioned from 1982-85. Each batch featured slight modifications. The Type 42’s operational peak was during the Falklands War of 1982, where seven destroyers deployed to the South Atlantic to help recapture the islands from Argentina. However, two of them – first-of-class HMS Sheffield, and the fourth vessel HMS Coventry – were hit and sunk by an Exocet air-to-surface missile and an iron bomb respectively. Another destroyer, HMS Glasgow, was also disabled by an unexploded bomb that passed through the aft engine room.

Dragon’s latest 1/700 scale ship model represents the entire class of Royal Navy Type 42 destroyers. Indeed, it can be described as a 3-in-1 kit since either of the three production batches can be built. Ship modelers can examine each of the batch types in turn, and then build whichever one catches their fancy. Furthermore, a range of Cartograf decals allows model-makers to also select which vessel within the class they want to depict. In addition to the wonderfully well-engineered plastic parts, there’s an upgraded set of photo-etched components that elevate this kit to a whole new level of finesse. This 3-in-1 1/700 destroyer kit is superbly specified to give the modeler the widest range of options possible.

Detailed plastic kit

1:35 Operation Marita, Greece 1941

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Product: 1:35 Operation Marita, Greece 1941

Operation Marita. This is the name Germany gave its plan to invade Greece in April 1941. In fact, Germany stepped in after Italy’s failed invasion kicked off the preceding October. Greece had repelled that initial invasion and had even counterattacked by March 1941. Consequently, on 6 April, 680,000 German troops with 1,200 tanks and 700 aircraft launched their invasion of Greece from Bulgarian territory, bypassing the bulk of Greek troops near the Albanian border. The Metaxas defensive line was overrun, and small numbers of Australian, British and New Zealand troops could not stem the flow. By the end of the month, the Greek mainland was in German hands, and then German troops also landed on and captured Crete in May 1941. Of interest, next year will mark the 80th anniversary of Operation Marita, so Dragon has brought together a number of 1/35 scale figure sets that feature participants in that decisive campaign.
This Dragon assortment features no fewer than six 1/35 scale figure sets depicting the Greek invasion, a campaign that has not received the publicity or attention that it perhaps deserves. All the figure sets represent German troops, including paratroopers, mountain troops, combat engineers and elite infantrymen. These realistic-looking figure sets depict different units, various uniforms and a range of weapons, giving lots of flexibility for model-makers to create a diorama. Few eyewitnesses of that military campaign in Greece remain alive, but modelers can recreate it through this prized figure collection.

Detailed Plastic Kit

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