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1:35 German Antitank Team/Panzerschreck

SKU: 500776374

Article number: 500776374 Product: 1:35 German Antitank Team/Panzerschreck

As the Soviet T-34 tank rumbled along the snow-coated street, its steel track treads crumbled the rubble into powder. Lurking in the shadows, a figure raised his weapon and took careful aim at the monstrous steel hulk bearing down on him. Suddenly he fired, the Ofenrohr ("Stove Pipe") emitting a large cloud of smoke. A rocket streaked towards the tank and penetrated its sloped armor, the vehicle clanking to a stop as flames and smoke erupted from its interior. The German tank hunter team quickly scuttled away to find a new position.

This type of scene was repeated over and over as German defenses were inundated by Soviet and Allied tanks in the latter part of WWII. With a dire shortage of tanks and tank destroyers, one smaller but still effective German weapon was the Panzerschreck ("tank terror") or Raketenpanzerbüchse ("rocket tank rifle", or RPzB). This antitank rocket launcher of 88mm caliber, from which the American bazooka was copied, was employed by infantry. Dragon’s newest figure set offers two Panzerschreck teams, one wearing winter uniforms and the other attired in summer uniforms. Their versatility allows them to be used for either Eastern or Western Front dioramas. As a Gen2 set, the figures are crisply detailed and have anatomically vivid poses. Likewise, their associated gear is sharply molded. Their RPzB 54 weapons with characteristic blast shields are amazingly detailed, the most accurate yet thanks to their Gen2 status. These teams are ready to terrorize some enemy tanks, and simply await a modeler’s touch to bring them to life!

Panzerschreck Teams, 1:35

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1(F) w/Magic Track

SKU: 500776315

1:35 Georgien Legion (Normandy 1944)

SKU: 500776277

Article number: 500776277 Product: 1:35 Georgien Legion (Normandy 1944)

1/35 Georgian Legion, Normandy 1944

This four piece figure set features soldiers from the Georgian Legion who have been taken by surprise in an assault. Their trench system and positions are overrun, and there is no option left but to hold up their hands in surrender. Each is in a unique and lifelike pose.

Main Features: - 4 figures - Unique and lifelike poses - Detailed and accurate sculpting

For these soldiers the war is over, but for the modeler, there are boundless vignette and diorama possibilities!

About the Georgian Legion: Georgian Legion was the Wehrmacht’s ethnic military legion formed by the Georgian émigrés who were forced to leave their motherland after the Soviet occupation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1921. The Georgian Legion was joined by former Red Army' volunteers' captured by the Germans and enlisted, while facing certain death from starvation, disease, forced labour and brutality, in POW lagers.

At least 30,000 Georgians served in the Nazi armed forces. Serving in the 13 field battalions, each having 5 companies and up to 800-strong, of the Wehrmacht's Georgia Legion, Georgians were also found in the Wehrmacht's North Caucasian Legion and in other Caucasian ethnic legions.

The Georgian Legion was commanded by Major General Shalva Maglakelidze.

Across Europe, especially in Italy and France, many Georgian soldiers in the German Armed Forces deserted and joined local Resistance Movements.

Detailed Plastic Kit of model Georgien Legion (Normandy 1944) in scale 1:35

1:35 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G LateProduction

SKU: 500776268

Article number: 500776268 Product: 1/35 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G LateProduction

Main Features: Turret & Gun - Newly tooled turret with accurate weld patterns - Commander's cupola modeled in superb detail by 8-direction slide molds - Multi-part commander's cupola with interior details and transparent periscope parts - Turret-top pilzen authentically modeled - Slide-molded close-defense weapon is moveable and can be modeled open / closed - Cupola hatches with interior details can be positioned open / closed - Optional loops for attaching camouflage to turret - Pre-printed camouflage loop location marks-for ultimate modeling convenience - Rear hatch with interior hinge detail can be positioned open / closed - Accurate toothed ring for turret - Newly tooled cylindrical stowage bin - Multi-part slide-molded muzzle brake in great detail - One-piece plastic gun barrel - Gun assembly recreated in detail, complete with breech - Two types of slide-molded mantlets

Upper Hull & Engine Deck - Newly tooled upper hull with separate engine decks - Driver's and radio operator's hatches with interior details and support arms - Moveable driver's periscope with transparent part and optional cover - Slide-molded headlight assemblies with maximum detail - Optional MG ball mount plug - Front ball-mount MG is movable - Intricately slide-molded barrel travel lock with option of travel or combat configurations as separate parts - New armored deflector for rear deck air intake - Two types of engine deck hatches - Engine deck hatch with interior details can be modeled open / closed - Engine radiator details with 2 types of fans - Crew compartment heater with 'pie slice' covers - Newly tooled armored guard for cooling air outlet grills - Authentically recreated armored guards for cooling air intake grills - Optional slide louvers for engine deck air intakes can be molded in open/closed positions - Delicate

Detailed Plastic Kit of Model Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G Late Production in Scale 1:35

1:35 E-100 Heavy Tank "Nachtjäger"

SKU: 500776011

Article number: 500776011 Product: 1/35 E-100 Heavy Tank "Nachtjäger"

First authorized in June 1943, the E-100 was a monstrous tank with a staggering weight of 140 tons. It was planned to mount a 12.8cm KwK44 L/55 main armament and a 7.5cm KwK44 L/36.5 gun in a modified Maus turret. However, a stop was put on development of super-heavy tanks in 1944, and this project was given a low priority. As a result, only one chassis prototype was assembled, though even this was not fully finished by the time WWII ended. The frontal armor on the E-100 ("E" stands for Entwicklungsfahrzeug) hull was 200mm thick, and that on the turret (if it had been eventually built) would have been 240mm thick.

The E-100 was never completed by Henschel, but Dragon has succeeded in finishing off the massive E-100 in 1/35 scale. In a magnificent "what if" item, this E-100 is made to exacting standards in Dragon’s 1/35 range of plastic kits. The model is made even more exclusive by the inclusion of infrared night vision equipment, meaning it is able to reign in the hours of darkness. With its huge bulk cloaked by darkness, this model is able to launch attacks or defend territory with equal ease! In daylight it’s no less impressive, with its enormous size and futuristic appearance. For such a cumbersome vehicle, close-in defense is provided by a set of four "nachtjagers" (night fighters). These German soldiers are just as effective at fighting at night, equipped with such cutting-edge weapons as MP44 assault rifles with the Vampir infrared scope and battery backpack, an MP44 with unique Krummlauf (curved leaf) curved barrel, and even a Gatling-type mini-gun. This kit offers unparalleled potential to modelers wishing to create a "futuristic" scene and vehicle, and to let their imaginations run wild!

Detailed Plastic Kit of model E-100 Heavy Tank "Nachtjäger" in scale 1:35


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

1:48 Focke-Wulf Ta152C-1/R14

SKU: 500775573

Article number: 500775573 Product: 1:48 Focke-Wulf Tal 152C-1/R14

Features: - Detailed Ta152C fuselage w/accurate design - Wings accurately represent the real one - Intricate fuselage, engine and radiator cowling - Crystal-clear cockpit canopy can be assembled open/closed - Propeller can be rotated - Photo-etched parts to upgrade details - Highly detailed radiator cowling w/photo-etched parts and optional flaps - Air intake realistically produced - Tail w/fine detail - Torpedo authentically reproduced w/fine detail - Detailed landing gear can be assembled in extended or taxiing positions

Focke-Wulf aircraft of WWII were usually prefixed with the initials "Fw", with one of the best-known fighters from the German company being the Fw 190. However, in the case of the Ta 152, the prefix was changed to recognize the pivotal role played by chief designer Kurt Tank. Basically, the Ta 152 was a high-altitude fighter-interceptor derived from the Fw 190. The first production Ta 152H entered service in January 1945, although only 43 fighters were delivered to combat units before the war ended. The Ta 152C variant designed for slightly lower-altitude combat and for the ground attack role was armed with a 30mm MK 108 cannon and four 20mm MG 151/20 weapons.

Dragon’s newest 1/48 scale model depicts the proposed Ta 152C-1/R14 variant, which had the armaments previously mentioned as well as a torpedo stowed under the belly for attacking enemy shipping. However, Focke-Wulf assembly plants were overrun before the Ta 152C-1 began rolling off assembly lines so it never actually saw combat in the hands of the Luftwaffe. This plastic kit builds upon the success of the previously released Ta 152C-0, but it adds the formidable-looking torpedo. The cowling for the aircraft’s Daimler-Benz 12-cylinder DB 603LA has also been modified to provide the correct details. After enjoying Dragon’s famous build quality and engineering excellence, modelers can finish off their fighter with some

Detailed Plastic Kit of model Focke-Wulf Ta152C-1/R14 in scale 1:48

1:35 IDF M113 Fitters&Chata'p Field Repa

SKU: 500773622

1:35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (SmartK)

SKU: 500773621

Article number: 500773621 Product: 1:35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (SmartK)

Dragon has added another 1/35 scale kit to its growing M113-based family. This time the subject is the M132, which was a flamethrower version of the famous armored personnel carrier (APC). The 10.58-ton vehicle looks similar to a regular APC, but the cupola atop the hull features an M10-8 flamethrower alongside a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. This turret could traverse 360º. Internally, the rear compartment was taken up by an M10 fuel and pressure unit plus four spherical 50-gallon fuel tanks. This amount of fuel was enough to fire a jet of flame for 32 seconds out to a maximum distance of 200m. The vehicle, often nicknamed the "Zippo", was widely used in the Vietnam War.

As would be expected, this M132 Flamethrower is based on currently available M113 chassis accurately built to 1/35 scale. However, the hull has been suitably modified with a set of new parts suitable for this specialist vehicle. This includes a brand new M10 turret containing the flamethrower and machine gun. Of course, the interior has been completely refurbished too. The four tanks for the napalm fuel are all installed inside. New, too, are brackets to protect the antenna bases. This 1/35 scale kit of the M132 Flamethrower lights up numerous opportunities for modelers wishing to create a Vietnam War vehicle, or to perhaps fit it into a dramatic combat diorama.

Detailed Plastic Kit of Model M132 Armored Flamethrower (Smart Kit) in Scale 1:35

1:35 M48 AVLB

SKU: 500773606

Article number: 500773606 Product: 1:35 M48 AVLB

Dragon's M48 family comes the most ambitious version yet – a fantastic model of an M48 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB)! Hulls from M48 tanks were converted into AVLBs in the 1950s. Turrets were removed and a scissors-type bridge of 60-ton military load classification (MLC 60) was installed atop the hull. So it could be lowered over any gap up to 18m wide that needed to be crossed by other vehicles. Hydraulic cylinders raised the 14.65-ton bridge from the hull, lowered it to the ground and then unfurled it, a process that took just 2-5 minutes. The M48 AVLB weighed 57,470kg and measured 11.3m long with the bridge stowed.

This 1/35 scale kit is impressive in terms of its bulk, let alone the level of intricate detail inherent in such a vehicle and the MLC 60 bridge. This stunning kit makes use of Dragon’s previously released M48 tank releases. However, the massive scissors bridge is totally new from Dragon, making it the first such AVLB it to become available in plastic. To make it all the more attractive to modelers, the bridge can be stowed in stowed mode, fully launched or in any intermediate configuration. Such versatility means modelers can emplace the model in any kind of diorama. This unarmed M48 AVLB is a welcome addition to Dragon’s modern range of vehicle kits, and the fact that it was used by nations other than just the USA makes it a useful subject for modelers.

Detailed Plastic Kit of model M48 AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge) in scale 1:35

1:35 M60 AVLB (Arm.Vehic.Launch.Bridge)

SKU: 500773591

1:35 IDF M3 Halftrack Nord SS.11 A-T MC

SKU: 500773579
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