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Art.Nr.: 510007406
Art.bezeichnung: 1:9 Zündapp KS 750

Length of the model 265 mm

The Sidecar Zundapp KS 750 was widely used during the Second World War by the German army on numerous fronts. The project was set up in 1937 and was based on the need to produce a vehicle capable of having good off-road qualities, high reliability, good load capacity and, above all, easy maintenance and repairability. Thanks to the 750-cc boxer twin-cylinder engine capable of delivering 26 HP, the Zundapp KS 750 could reach a top speed of 95 km / h. The gearbox was a four-speed with the reduced on first gear and the "rear". Together with the BMW R75 it was used to perform a wide variety of tasks from transport to reconnaissance but soon came in the latter role replaced by Kubelwagen, better protected and cheaper in production. It could be armed with a MG34 machine gun installed in the sidecar's buggy.

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Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:9 Zündapp KS 750

  • Artikelnummer: 510007406
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