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Kunststoff Kits

German Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar

Art.-Nr.: 500776946

1:35 Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Early/Late Prod.

Art.-Nr.: 500776935

Art.Nr.: 500776935 Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Early/Late Prod.

Sd.Kz.165 Hummel's combat debut occurred during the titanic Battle of Kursk. Operated by a crew of six, the SPH carried 18 rounds for the main armament and more than 700 were built by the end of WWII. An easy identifying feature between Early- and Late-Production variants of the Hummel is the driver's/radio operator's compartment. On early vehicles, the driver received a small compartment that jutted out of the glacis plate. On later vehicles, this crew compartment was extended the full width of the hull to also enclose the radio operator.

This 2-in-1 kit, built precisely to 1/35 scale, allows modelers to create either an Early-Production or Late-Production Hummel. To account for the different production runs, there are two complete upper hulls as well as different drive sprockets, for example. Indeed, everything needed to produce an accurate variant is included in the box. The engineering is top notch too, with Razor Edge techniques utilized for the armored superstructure to produce a true-to-scale appearance. This allows interior fittings to be accurately sized and shaped. Furthermore, an aluminum gun barrel is offered for the 15cm gun. To cap it all off and leave modelers buzzing, the Hummel kit box top features one of Ron Volstad’s famous vintage illustrations of this SPH. The flight of the bumble bee has soared to new heights with this 2-in-1 offering!

Detaillierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Early/Late Production im Maßstab 1:35


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:35 IDF M113 Fitters&Chata'p Field Repa

Art.-Nr.: 500773622

Art.Nr.: 500773622 Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 IDF M113 Fitters&Chata'p Field Repa

After previously releasing a kit of the IDF Zelda, an exciting new M113 combination is now available from Dragon. The new kit allows modelers to build both the M113 Fitters and the Chata’p Field Repair Vehicle. The former is easily identified by a Hiab crane mounted on the roof, enabling it to perform such operations as removing and replacing power packs. The Chata’p, on the other hand, carried spare parts and equipment to allow maintenance and repair of other armored vehicles.

Aptly named a Combo Set, modelers will be able to add two distinctive IDF M113 vehicles, the M113 Fitters and a Chata’p Field Repair Vehicle. They are perfect for each other in a diorama scene, or with a damaged M113 Zelda. The vehicles are realistically depicted and they possess NEO tracks, with brand new parts such as the hydraulic crane, as well as all sorts of stowage boxes and racks on the M113 Fitters. Boxes and racks festoon the Chata’p Field Repair Vehicle as well. Attention has been paid not only to the vehicle exteriors, but also to their interiors, with the internal layout accurately rendered and provided for both vehicles. As before, a free set of backpacks and rucksacks are provided for made of DS so that modelers can attach these to the vehicles’ hulls. As the first such 1/35 IDF Combo Set from Dragon, model-makers receive twice the fun and double the number of vehicles!

Detaillierter Plastikmodellbausatz

1:35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (SmartK)

Art.-Nr.: 500773621

Art.Nr.: 500773621 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (SmartK)

Dragon has added another 1/35 scale kit to its growing M113-based family. This time the subject is the M132, which was a flamethrower version of the famous armored personnel carrier (APC). The 10.58-ton vehicle looks similar to a regular APC, but the cupola atop the hull features an M10-8 flamethrower alongside a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. This turret could traverse 360º. Internally, the rear compartment was taken up by an M10 fuel and pressure unit plus four spherical 50-gallon fuel tanks. This amount of fuel was enough to fire a jet of flame for 32 seconds out to a maximum distance of 200m. The vehicle, often nicknamed the "Zippo", was widely used in the Vietnam War.

As would be expected, this M132 Flamethrower is based on currently available M113 chassis accurately built to 1/35 scale. However, the hull has been suitably modified with a set of new parts suitable for this specialist vehicle. This includes a brand new M10 turret containing the flamethrower and machine gun. Of course, the interior has been completely refurbished too. The four tanks for the napalm fuel are all installed inside. New, too, are brackets to protect the antenna bases. This 1/35 scale kit of the M132 Flamethrower lights up numerous opportunities for modelers wishing to create a Vietnam War vehicle, or to perhaps fit it into a dramatic combat diorama.

Detaillierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells M132 Armored Flamethrower (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:35

1:72 Neubau-Fahrzeug Nr. 3-5 Rheinmetall

Art.-Nr.: 500777438

Deutschland entwickelte viele erfolgreiche mittelgroße und schwere Panzer wie der Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panther und Tiger. Die ersten Versuche des Reichs für den Bau eines schweren Panzers begannen schon Anfang der 1930er Jahre. Das als „Neubaufahrzeug" bezeichnete Modell war jedoch kein Erfolg. Das langsame Fahrzeug mit den auffälligen Drehtürmen war für die schnelle, mobile Kriegsführung, wie sie Blitzkriegtaktiken verlangen, schlecht ausgerüstet. Aus diesem Grund wurden nur fünf schwere Panzer des Typs Neubaufahrzeug gebaut. Die drei 25,8-Tonner nahmen 1940 innerhalb einer speziell aufgestellten Panzerabteilung an der Invasion Norwegens teil. Die Bewaffnung umfasste eine 7,5cm KwK L/24 Kanone, eine 3,7cm KwK L/45 Kanone und zwei 7,92mm Maschinengewehre. Dragon hat bereits früher ein Neufahrzeug im Maßstab 1:35 auf den Markt gebracht und bietet nun dieses neue Modell im kleineren Maßstab 1:72 in der Reihe Armor Pro an. Der Bausatz ermöglicht den Bau der drei Panzer (als 3 bis 5 nummeriert), die in Norwegen im Einsatz waren und ursprünglich in den Jahren 1935 bis 1936 gebaut wurden. In dieses Neubaufahrzeug flossen die Forschungsarbeit und Erfahrung von Dragon aus dem 1:35-Bausatz ein, es verwendet aber komplett neue Designs. Die gesamte Oberwanne besteht aus einem einzigen Plastikteil, um über eine geeignete Basis zu verfügen, auf der die zahlreichen Details angebracht werden können. Um dem Modellbauer die Aufgabe zu erleichtern, sind die aufwändigen Laufräder aus einem Stück gefertigt, während die Ketten aus DS-Material sind. Die drei Türme sind präzise konstruiert. Dieser Panzer war ein echtes Monster und kann nun im Maßstab 1:72 im Einsatz in Norwegen dargestellt werden!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Neubau-Fahrzeug Nr. 3-5 Rheinmetall im Maßstab 1:72

1:72 IJA Type 97 "CHI-HA" Early Product.

Art.-Nr.: 500777395

1:72 IJA Type 97 "CHI-HA" Early Production

Der schon früher von Dragon auf den Markt gebrachte Typ 97 Chi-Ha-Panzer im Maßstab 1:72 (Artikel Nr.7397) war sehr beliebt. Es handelte sich um eine Variante aus der späten Produktion, während Dragon nun die Reihe mit einem Modell aus der frühen Produktion erweitert. Der Typ 97 war Japans am häufigsten produzierter mittelgroßer Panzer im zweiten Weltkrieg. Mit einer 57 mm Kanone und zwei Maschinengewehren vom Typ 97 sollte dieser Panzer als größere Version des Typs 95 zur Unterstützung der Infanterie dienen. Die Panzerung an diesem Fahrzeug war eher mäßig. Insgesamt wurden von 1938 bis 1943 2.123 Panzer gebaut, wovon die meisten mit der 57 mm Kanone niedriger Geschwindigkeit bewaffnet waren. Der Panzer erreichte Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 38 km/h.

Für das neue Modell im Maßstab 1:72 finden einige Bauteile des früheren Bausatzes Verwendung, sehr viele Teile sind jedoch absolut neu. Die gesamte Oberwanne zum Beispiel hat ein völlig neues Design, um das geänderte Layout des Motorendecks korrekt darstellen zu können. Weitere bemerkenswerte Änderungen betreffen Werkzeugkiste, Schaufel, Befestigungen der Heckplatte und charakteristische Klappen am Motorendeck. Auch die Unterwanne musste wegen der unterschiedlichen Auspuffposition geändert werden. Mit diesem japanischen Panzer steht dem Modellbauer ein Fahrzeug zur Verfügung, das sowohl in tropischen als auch gemäßigten Regionen Asiens sowie auch während der „Island-Hopping Campaign" der USA und der Alliierten im Pazifik zum Einsatz kam.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells IJA Type 97 "CHI-HA" Early Production im Maßstab 1:72

1:72 Churchill Mk.III AVRE

Art.-Nr.: 500777327

Art.Nr.: 500777327 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:72 Churchill Mk.III AVRE

The Churchill infantry tank is a distinctive design thanks to its extremely long chassis and wraparound tracks. Named after the British Minister of Defence of the time, the Churchill tank was very well armored. It was produced in a series of improved tank versions, as well as specialist vehicles for specific functions. One of these was the Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE), a combat engineer vehicle designed to destroy enemy fortifications and heavy obstacles such as bunkers. It was developed after the failure of the Dieppe landings, and it constituted one of Hobart’s Funnies designed to support the D-Day landings in Normandy. To achieve its destructive goal, it was fitted with a Petard 290mm main armament. This spigot mortar could throw an 18kg "Flying dustbin" round about 80m. The AVRE had a crew of six, and the Petard was reloaded by traversing the turret so the co-driver could manually push a new round into the barrel from his hatch.

Dragon has produced a 1/72 scale model of an AVRE based on its previous and very successful Churchill Mk.III tank kit. This new item thus makes good use of components from the Churchill Mk.III, but it has brand new components such as the Petard 290mm main armament. The extra armor plates for the turret mantlet are also newly tooled. This model of the Churchill Mk.III AVRE is beautifully detailed, and the kit assembles quickly and easily into an accurate model thanks to time-saving elements such as one-piece DS tracks and single-piece bogies to represent the complicated running gear. For modelers wishing to depict a Normandy scene or something similar, this new kit is a must-have! The kit is a (combat) engineering marvel!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Churchill Mk.III AVRE im Maßstab 1:72

1:700 German Z-38 Destroyer (Smart Kit)

Art.-Nr.: 500777134

Art.Nr.: 500777134 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:700 German Z-38 Destroyer (Smart Kit)

Germany produced a total of 15 Zerstörer 1936A-class destroyers, which the Allies referred to as the Narvik class. They were actually closer in size to a light cruiser than a destroyer, and they were known only by their hull numbers and didn’t receive any name. They sported powerful 5.9-inch guns, with the last three destroyers constructed by F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG in Kiel. Z38 was the penultimate destroyer of the class after being commissioned on 20 March 1943. One of its first combat missions was to escort the Scharnhorst battleship, and near the end of the war it operated in the Baltic Sea as German forces retreated. Z38 had a combat displacement of 3,691 tons and required a crew of 330 sailors. After WWII it was seized by the UK and used as a test ship under the name Nonsuch before being scrapped in 1950.

Dragon has earlier offered 1/700 scale kits of the Z31 and Z39 destroyers, and they’re now being joined by their sister Z38. This new kit comes the accurate bridge and aft platform of Z-38. As with Dragon’s earlier destroyers, this kit is produced with the highest levels of engineering and molding excellence. The destroyer can be assembled as a full-hull or waterline-hull kit, while a comprehensive selection of photo-etched parts are available to upgrade the sophisticated plastic components. This is a stunning kit, and when the Z31, Z38 and Z39 trio is alongside, they allow modelers to discern the development process of this important class of Kriegsmarine warship.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells German Z-38 Destroyer (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:700

1:700 U.S.S.Pennsylv. BB-38 1944

Art.-Nr.: 500777041

Art.Nr.: 500777041 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:700 U.S.S.Pennsylv. BB-38 1944

Dieses Modell zeigt die Pennsylvania in ihrer Ausführung in der Spätphase des 2. Weltkriegs. Sehr viele Komponenten (z. B. Brücke, Bewaffnungen, Radar) unterscheiden sich ganz erheblich von denen der U.S.S. Arizona, die beim Angriff auf Pearl Harbor versenkt wurde. Der Rumpf ist einteilig mit durchgehendem Volldeck. Dieser innovative Rumpf ist ein technischer Durchbruch und erleichtert den Zusammenbau für den Modellbauer ganz erheblich. Außer dem eindrucksvollen neuen Rumpf gibt es noch eine Fülle neu designter Plastik- und Fotoätzteile, um dieses schöne Schlachtschiffmodell auszurüsten und zu verschönern. Der Bausatz bedeutet einen immensen Innovationsfortschritt. Die Pennsylvania ist bereit, die Wellen zu durchschneiden!

Über die U.S.S. Pennsylvania BB-38: Die USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) lief am 16. März 1915 vom Stapel und war das Vorzeigeschiff in der Klasse der „Super-Dreadnought"-Schlachtschiffe. Als die Japaner am 7. Dezember 1941 ihren Überraschungsangriff auf Pearl Harbor starteten, befand sich die Pennsylvania im Trockendeck. Sie gehörte zu den ersten Schiffen, die das Feuer auf feindliche Sturzkampfbomber eröffneten. Beim Angriff geriet sie unter Beschuss und musste 15 Gefallene und 14 Vermisste beklagen. Später nahm das Kriegsschiff an den Schlachten in den Aleuten, Saipan, Guam und im Golf von Leyte teil und spielte eine wichtige Rolle in den Kämpfen im pazifischen Kriegsschauplatz. Am Ende ihres Dienstlebens musste die USS Pennsylvania die „Schmach" erleiden, als Zielschiff für Atomtests im Bikini-Atoll in 1946 dienen zu müssen.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells U.S.S.Pennsylv. BB-38 1944 im Maßstab 1:700

1:35 Panther Ausf.F w/Night Sight

Art.-Nr.: 500776917

Art.Nr.: 500776917 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Panther Ausf.F w/Night Sight

Some regard the Panther as Germany’s best tank of WWII, and approximately 6,000 Panthers were manufactured from 1943-45. However, the war ended before the planned ultimate Panther Ausf.F variant entered production. The main feature of the Ausf.F was a redesigned Schmaltürm "narrow turret" possessing a narrower frontage and thicker armor. The turret featured a modified 7.5cm gun known as the KwK.44/1 in a bell-shaped mantlet. The turret would also have had a built-in Zeiss stereoscopic rangefinder mounted in armored blisters either side of the turret.

If it had been built, the Panther F would have been a prime candidate to receive the FG1250 infrared sight, which Germany was trying out at the end of the war. German tanks were also very vulnerable to enemy fighters late in the war, so a special set of armored plates could be mounted atop the turret and over parts of the Panther’s engine deck. These steel plates that were 5-8mm thick were double-spaced on the turret top to improve protection against aircraft strafing and shrapnel. Dragon is now offering such a Panther Ausf.F with all the aforementioned accessories such as the night sights and the interesting set of add-on antiaircraft armor. The item utilizes Dragon’s previously released kit of a Panther Ausf.F tank but it comes with new infrared sights. The air defense armor plates are made of photo-etched parts, including the prominent double layer mounted atop the turret. The final result is a unique-looking Panther, this kit being perfect for a "what if" diorama or as a standalone item.

Detaillierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Panther Ausf.F w/Night Sight and Air Defense Armor im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H (SmartKit)

Art.-Nr.: 500776901

Art.Nr.: 500776901 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H (SmartKit)

Dragon launched a 1/35 kit of a Panzerbefehlswagen III Ausf.H (Item No. 6844) last year, and while it was lapped up by modelers, there was also clamor for a Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) version of the same vehicle. Dragon has now obliged by creating a special DAK configuration of the Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H! This specialized command tank containing long-range radios was created based on a standard Ausf.H gun tank, the first Panzer III version to be fitted with a 5cm KwK L/42 cannon. However, on the Pz.Bef.Wg. version there was no 5cm gun fitted, with just a single MG34 for self-defense and a dummy gun to fool the enemy.

Dragon’s new 1/35 scale DAK kit is different to the preceding Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H kit in some noticeable ways. For example, it bears a large storage box on the engine deck, plus a smaller storage box on the front left of the fender. Another modification is a spare-track rack on the glacis plate. The sprockets and idler wheels are also different to that on the predecessor. And unchanged, is the characteristic large frame antenna for the long-range radio. Plus the vehicle looks most impressive when the turret-mounted telescopic antenna is shown extended. This Panzerbefehlswagen III H nicely complements lately-reproduced DAK items in Dragon’s line-up, including: Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Early Production (Item No. 6289), Pz.Kpfw.III (5cm) Ausf.H Late Production (6642), Bison II 15cm s.IG.33 (6440), Kübelwagen Workshop w/DAK Troops (6338). With the arrival of this command tank, modelers now have even more options for creating a North African diorama.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells 1:35 DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III (3.7cm)(T) Ausf.F

Art.-Nr.: 500776877

Art.Nr.: 500776877 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III (3.7cm)(T) Ausf.F

It was planned that Germany would conduct an amphibious invasion of Great Britain under the codename Operation Sea Lion (Seelöwe), and to this end a number of Panzer IIIs were especially converted into diving tanks. These were known as the Tauchpanzer III, and they had the ability to drive along the seafloor totally submerged thanks to a breathing apparatus. One variant prepared as a Tauchpanzer was the Panzer III Ausf.F, of which German industry produced 435 units between September 1939 and July 1940. They had a 3.7cm KwK L.46.5 main armament fitted in the turret.

Dragon’s newest 1/35 kit portrays just such a Tauchpanzer III Ausf.F made ready for Operation Seelöwe. This new kit comes with special enhancement for the benefit of modelers. There’s an accompanying two-figure combat camera team. These cameramen are in much demand because no other such cameraman figure combination exists in injection-molded plastic. The 1/35 scale tank comes with all necessary parts to make the diving tank, inlcuding waterproofing parts, floating snorkel buoy, depth marker, long rubber hose and etc. If modelers have never built a diving tnak before, now is the perfect time to get their feet wet!

- Floating snorkel buoy & long rubber hose accurately reproduced - Depth markers are reprdouced in full lenght - Commander's cupola with DS waterproof cover - Mantlet waterproof cover by DS materials - Waterproofing parts around turret bottom are truly depicted - Delicate hose racks are finely made - DS track link provided for easy assembly

Detaillierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Pz.Kpfw.III (3.7cm)(T) Ausf.F "OPERATION SEELÖWE" im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D

Art.-Nr.: 500776873

Art.Nr.: 500776873 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D

Dragon offers a comprehensive lineup of 1/35 scale kits in the popular Panzer IV family tree, and the quality of kits available just continues to scale new heights! This is obvious with the newest member of the family – a Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D. Production of the Ausf.D commenced in October 1939, with some 229 tanks produced altogether through till May 1941. Like its predecessors, the Ausf.D mounted a short-barreled 7.5cm KwK37 L/24 gun in the turret. Major improvements on this mark were thicker armor on the sides and rear (upgraded from 15mm to 20mm) and the fitting of an external mantlet. A hull machine gun was reintroduced in front of the radio operator. The tank weighed 20 tons and it was operated by a crew of five. This variant was widely used in Germany’s campaigns in France, the Balkans, North Africa and Russia.

Dragon has offered kits of the Ausf.D before, but this latest model is a brand new item that utilizes completely new toolings. Indeed, the only reused components on this 1/35 scale plastic kit are the on-vehicle tools, and the DS tracks that have been used on Dragon’s previous Panzer IVs. This completely refurbished tank thus gives modelers a Panzer IV D built to the very highest Smart Kit levels. Furthermore, the highly experienced design team has sought to minimize the number of parts wherever possible so that model-makers are spared the ardor of repetitive assembly. It goes without saying that they’ve done so without sacrificing any detail either. This kit fits together with ease, and it now offers even more assembly pleasure thanks to the clever engineering. Indeed, the early-war Panzer IV D has been given a new lease of life!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D (Pz.IV Ausf.D has been given a new lease of life!) im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 IJA Type 97 Medium Tank "Chi-Ha"

Art.-Nr.: 500776870

Art.Nr.: 500776870 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 IJA Type 97 Medium Tank "Chi-Ha"

Dragon has previously released superb 1/35 scale plastic kits of Japanese armored and amphibious vehicles from WWII, including the Type 2 Ka-Mi, Type 95 Ha-Go and Type 4 Ke-Nu, but the time has finally come to unveil what was the most important tank type! It is the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank as used by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). The Type 97 was Japan’s most widely produced medium tank of WWII. Boasting a 57mm main gun and two Type 97 machine guns, this tank was intended to serve as an up-scaled version of the Type 95 for infantry support. A total of 2,123 tanks were produced from 1938-43, most of which had the low-velocity 57mm gun. The Chi-Ha was used in combat in Manchuria and China, as well as in fighting against the Allies.

The new 1/35 scale model specifically depicts an Early-Production variant of the Type 97 medium tank, possibly the most well-known Japanese tank of WWII. The kit was thoroughly researched by a Japanese design team, based on investigations and measurements of several surviving tanks. This level of research ensures that it will be undeniably the most accurate and precise Chi-Ha available on the market. The engine deck layout, toolbox, shovel, rear-plate brackets and distinctive flaps on the engine deck are all correctly depicted for an early-production tank. The kit resorts widely to slide molds so that fewer parts are needed. Naturally, this leads to a perfect balance of easy assembly and accuracy, which is what Smart Kits are all about! This Japanese tank kit allows modelers of 1/35 scale AFVs to field a tank widely used by the Japanese throughout the Asia-Pacific theater.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells IJA Type 97 Medium Tank "Chi-Ha" Early Production im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Tiger I Mid Prod.

Art.-Nr.: 500776866

Art.Nr.: 500776866 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Tiger I Mid Prod.

Dragon has come up with extremely exciting combination for Item No. 6866. It features a Tiger I Mid-Production tank, a famous vehicle that needs no introduction. What makes the kit special is the accompanying Borgward IV Ausf.A heavy demolition vehicle, which could drop off a 500kg explosive charge. Operated via radio by its German crew, the remotely controlled Borgward IV was the heaviest type of Germany’s demolition vehicles used in WWII, with the Goliath and Springer representing the light and medium segments. It was introduced in 1942, with 616 of the 3.65m-long Ausf.A variant produced. This reusable demolition charge carrier wasn’t a great success, however, as it was unreliable and expensive. The Tiger I was introduced as the control vehicle for the Borgward IV in 1943-44. There were three companies that operated the Borgward IV. One of these, Panzer Kompanie (Fkl) 313, was subordinated to s.Pz.Abt.508 in December 1943. It had 14 Tiger Is, and its first combat was at Anzio in early 1944.

The Tiger I has Zimmerit, in keeping with that period of the war and for s.Pz.Abt.508, and it has suitable modifications for its control vehicle role. This includes a new antenna and base on the right side of the turret, with this antenna being used to communicate with the demolition charge-carrying vehicle. The well-detailed Borgward IV has not been on the market for a considerable period of time, so its release is much anticipated. Of course, its inclusion with the Tiger I to represent a combination used by C Company of s.Pz.Abt.508 makes it all the more explosively appealing!

Detailierter Plastikbausatz des Modells Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Tiger I Mid Production Remote Controller mit Borgward Ausf.A Heavy Demolition Vehicle s.Pz.Abt. 508, C Company im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Sd.Kfz.250/7 Atle 8cm MortarCarrier

Art.-Nr.: 500776858

1:35 IJA Type 4 Light Tank "Ke-Nu"

Art.-Nr.: 500776854

Art.Nr.: 500776854 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 IJA Type 4 Light Tank "Ke-Nu" (Smart Kit)

The Type 4 Ke-Nu was a light tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) in WWII. It was essentially a hybrid combining the hull of a Type 95 Ha-Go light tank with a turret from the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank. When the Type 97 was up-gunned with a higher-velocity 47mm gun, turrets with the original low-velocity 57mm tank gun became surplus and were installed onto the obsolete Type 95. The IJA received approximately 100 examples of the Type 4 Ke-Nu from 1944. While the type’s firepower improved, the heavier weight of the turret added a ton of weight and thus reduced its maximum speed to 40km/h. The 8.4-ton tank’s thin armor could be easily penetrated by Allied anti-tank weapons too. It was operated by a crew of three. Most tanks were retained on the Japanese mainland in anticipation of an Allied invasion, but some saw combat against the Soviets in Korea and Manchuria.

Dragon has produced a fine 1/35 scale plastic kit of the Type 4 Ke-Nu. Indeed, this model is another masterpiece from Dragon’s team of Japanese experts. The team conducted research on the real tank, produced highly accurate technical drawings, created the stunning box art and supervised the whole project to a successful conclusion. There are numerous new kit parts such as the turret with the characteristic ring antenna. Although the Type 4’s hull may look similar to that of Dragon’s Type 95 Ha-Go kit, the glacis plate has been completely redone. This will be one of the most eye-catching 1/35 releases of the year from Dragon, and it just proves the adage that good things do indeed come in small packages!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells IJA Type 4 Light Tank "Ke-Nu" im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K

Art.-Nr.: 500776853

Art.Nr.: 500776853 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K

The Panzerbefehlswagen Ausf.K was designed to serve as a command tank for the German Army but, unlike preceding Panzer III command vehicles, it retained a main armament in the form of a 5cm KwK39 L/60 cannon. A total of 50 of these armed command tanks were produced between December 1942 and February 1943. It was based on a standard Panzer III Ausf.M chassis, and a star antenna was used instead of the previously favored frame antenna. The turret, adopted from a Panzer IV Ausf.F, featured a shorter mantlet, while the coaxial machine gun was deleted and an extra visor was added to the turret front.

Dragon previously released a Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K (Item No. 9118 in the Orange Box range), but this latest 1/35 scale kit has nothing in common with that release. Thus, the new command tank takes the most updated components from the latest Panzer III and IV kits in Dragon’s Smart Kit range to ensure that this fine new kit is of the highest quality. Besides, the horizontal upper-hull plate is new to fit the larger Panzer IV turret that was installed, plus the turret frontal armor, truncated gun mantlet and visor are new. Also new is the superstructure frontal armor plate plus three spare antennas stowed on the right-hand fender. Modelers seeking something a little different from a run-of-the-mill Panzer III need look no farther than this well-armed command tank.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.V Panther Ausf.G

Art.-Nr.: 500776847

Art.Nr.: 500776847 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.V Panther Ausf.G

The 45-tonne Panther was one of the most important tanks used by Germany during WWII. A number of Panther Ausf. A and Ausf.G vehicles, 329 in fact, were converted into command tanks from May 1943 to February 1945. These were known in German as the Panzerbefehlswagen, and they were used as battalion and regimental command vehicles, as well as for ground-to-air liaison. One important design criteria was to make sure they looked inconspicuous compared to regular gun tanks so that they wouldn't be targeted by the enemy. These command tanks still retained the 7.5cm KwK42 L/70 main gun, but did not have the usual coaxial machine gun. The Befehls-Panther added an additional radio, which caused a corresponding reduction in ammunition stowage. A FuG5 radio was installed in the turret and a FuG7 or FuG8 in the hull.

We are now offering a 1/35 scale kit of a Befehls-Panther Ausf.G. As the name indicates, this command tank is based on a Panther Ausf.G hull. The kit thus inherits the best aspects of Dragon’s phenomenal Panther G kit family, with all the necessary additions typical of a Befehls-Panther. For example, there is a star antenna on the engine deck and the correct mantlet for a command Panther is present. DS tracks are included for easy assembly. this Befehls-Panther kit will command a lot of respect thanks to its accurate, even easier-to-build characteristics.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Pz.Bef.Wg.V Panther Ausf.G im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 T95 Super Heavy Tank

Art.-Nr.: 500776825

Art.Nr.: 500776825 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 T95 Super Heavy Tank

The T28 Super Heavy Tank (#6750) is one of the most astonishing kits to emerge from Dragon in recent times! The T28 was designed to breach the defenses of the Siegfried Line during the latter part of WWII, but the 95-ton monstrosity arrived too late to participate in the war. Its name was altered to 105mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 in March 1945 since the armament was hull-mounted rather than in a turret. Dragon has overhauled its T28 kit and assigned it a new 155mm T7 main gun of the type used on the developmental T30 Heavy Tank. Of course, such a vehicle did not exist in reality, but this hull/gun combination is very popular in the online gaming world. Thankfully for these many fans, Dragon now allows them to produce and own such a mighty armored vehicle!

The size of the model is simply overwhelming – the lower hull is more than 300mm long! The double track runs are made from DS tracks, and the outer tracks can be detached just like the real ones should a modeler decide to opt for this configuration. The impressive 155mm gun barrel is newly produced. This was a monster of a tank in its day, and Dragon has made it even more monstrous for contemporary warriors with the addition of a more powerful 155mm gun that better befits the vehicle’s size! As a special bonus, modelers can either choice to build the T28 with parts provided in the box as well.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells T95 Super Heavy Tank im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 PzKpfw.IV Ausf.A Up-Armored Version

Art.-Nr.: 500776816

Art.Nr.: 500776816 Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 PzKpfw.IV Ausf.A Up-Armored Version

Dragon earlier completed its Panzer IV grand slam in 1/35 scale with the release of the Ausf.A several years ago. That meant Dragon is able to offer a modern and accurate kit of every member of the Panzer IV family – the A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and J! The Ausf.A was obviously the grandfather, with 35 tanks produced from October 1937 to March 1938. It stemmed from a development contract issued to Krupp in 1935. The design featured a short-barreled 7.5cm KwK37 L/24 main gun and two MG34 machine guns. As befitting what was essentially a pre-series design, the maximum armor thickness on the 18.4-ton design was just 14.5mm on the hull and 20mm on the turret. With the Panzer IV Ausf.A slated to see service in the 1939-40 campaigns in Poland, Norway and France, there was obviously a need to improve the thickness of its armor. Thus, a number of Panzer IV Ausf.A tanks were up-armored by adding extra armor plates on the front hull and glacis. Dragon’s newest Panzer IV kit allows modelers to reproduce these tanks with applique armor that were slightly better suited to combat.

This1/35 scale plastic kit is based on Dragon’s leading kit of the Panzer IV Ausf.A (item No.6747). This particular variant has been created by supplying the relevant additional armor plates that fit onto the front end of the tank. Indeed, the kit has been up-armored in precisely the same way as the original was! Additionally, the front inspection hatches have been newly made by photo-etched parts with different details compared to the previously provided ones. The tank comes with early-style 38cm DS Tracks to make sure they’re easy to assemble. This kit offers greater protection to the crew…and more variety for the modeler!

1:35 Wittmann's Last Tiger

Art.-Nr.: 500776800

1:35 Battle of Smolensk & Roslavl 1941

Art.-Nr.: 500776791

Art.Nr.: 500776791 Art.bezeichnung: 1:35 Battle of Smolensk & Roslavl 1941

Dragon already utilizes high-tech engineering processes to create its kits, but now the newest-generation technology is influencing – and improving – its 1/35 scale range of figures. So just what is this newest technological leap forward? It’s figure sets that are wholly designed using computers. In other words, no master figure is produced or needed. From initial design through to final tooling using advanced computer programs, 100% of the detail is retained in the computer files. Indeed, the results are evident in Dragon’s newest set of 1/35 scale German infantry. There are three figures in this new set depicting soldiers fighting in the Battle of Smolensk and Roslavl in 1941. After enormous success during the invasion of Russia, German forces were delayed at Smolensk from 10 July to 10 September 1941. Although a Russian counterattack there failed, this defensive battle was critical to Russia as it slowed the German advance and made reaching Moscow that much more difficult.

The poses of these three soldiers are designed to be universally versatile. The trio is standing in relatively relaxed poses. A close examination of these molded plastic figures reveals how impeccable all the computer-generated detail is. Whether it’s their faces, hands, uniforms or belts, these figures are truly full of intricate detail. To make this first such figure set even more appealing, the box includes a number of BONUS accessories made of DS materials. These are all bonus items in addition to the hi-tech figures themselves. While these German soldiers might be just standing around, the technology that Dragon used to create them has leapt forward by a generation!

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV L/70(A) Final Production

Art.-Nr.: 500776784

Art.Nr.: 500776784 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV L/70(A) Final Production

Germany produced a number of tank destroyers in an effort to resist the tide of armor pushing against it from all sides. One of these designs was the Panzer IV/70(A). As indicated by its name, this vehicle was based on an unchanged Panzer IV chassis (specifically an Ausf.J) and it was produced by Alkett as an interim design. A total of 278 tank-killer vehicles were produced concurrently with the more common Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) from August 1944 to March 1945. A long-barreled 7.5cm PaK 42 gun was mounted in the superstructure. The nose-heavy attitude of the vehicle dictated that the first four road wheels be steel-rimmed, while the vertical lower sides of the superstructure visually distinguish this type from the Jagdpanzer IV/70(V).

Dragon has created another 1/35 scale version of this important tank destroyer. It’s based on Item No.6689, itself based on Dragon’s Panzer IV Smart Kit family. This newest Pz.Kpfw.IV/70(A) family member is a Late-Production type, and the major difference is that it possesses a modified hull derived from a later-production series of the Panzer IV. The suspension features three return rollers per side, plus there are other detail differences appropriate to a Late-Production vehicle. As a Smart Kit, there’s a one-piece lower hull, convenient Magic Tracks and the fighting compartment is made by slide molds so no multipart assembly is necessary. There are Schurzen side skirts and of special interest is the mounted MP44 Vorsatz "P", a weapon with a curved barrel to protect blind-spots not covered by the mounted MG42 machine gun. The gun breech is fully represented, and it can be viewed through the open roof hatches. Welcome to the new family addition!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Pz.Kpfw.IV L/70(A) Final Production (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Operation Marita, Greece 1941

Art.-Nr.: 500776783

Art.Nr.: 500776783 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Operation Marita, Greece 1941

On 6 April 1941, Germany invaded the nation of Greece. It was forced to do so by the failure of the earlier Italian invasion to conquer Greece in October 1940. The Germans codenamed this invasion Operation Marita. When the German assault kicked off, most Greek troops were on the Albanian border fighting the Italians. Therefore, the German second front striking from Bulgaria immediately put Greek forces, as well as a small contingent of British Commonwealth troops, on the back foot. Greek forces on the Albanian border were quickly outflanked, forcing their surrender, while Commonwealth troops performed a tactical retreat with an eye to evacuation. Athens fell on 27 April within three weeks of the campaign beginning. Operation Marita ended three days later with the complete conquest of the Greek mainland.

Dragon has released a new 1/35 scale figure set depicting German soldiers during Operation Marita in 1941. The four newly tooled figures are beautifully sculpted in lifelike poses. To illustrate their practicality for a range of settings, their uniforms show interesting variety such as NCO breeches and a tank commander’s jacket. Even the badges on their jackets are sharply molded. These four German soldiers will fit admirably in a figure or vehicle diorama depicting the Greek campaign, and in fact they’re versatile enough to fit any theater of that period of WWII. The Greek campaign is little covered by model figures, so this set is an invaluable addition for the modeler’s repertoire.

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Operation Marita, Greece 1941 im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 IJA Type 95 HA-GO Light Tank

Art.-Nr.: 500776770

Art.Nr.: 500776770 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 IJA Type 95 HA-GO Light Tank

When Dragon introduced its new 1/35 scale gem of a Type 95 "Ha-Go" light tank of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), it garnered great excitement in the modeling fraternity in 2012. Based on actual measurements from surviving tanks, that particular kit (Item No.6767) represented an Early-Production variant of this small tank. Now Dragon has released another Type 95 plastic kit, this time depicting one with Late-Production features. The Type 95 tank was used in combat against China and Russia, as well as fully participating in Japanese operations in WWII. Weighing just 7.4 tonnes, it was designed primarily as an infantry support weapon. Indeed, it was the most common light tank used by the IJA in the Pacific, with about 2,300 units manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It had a crew of three, and the main armament was a Type 94 37mm gun. Its maximum speed was 45km/h.

The kit has received many new parts so it can accurately depict a Late-Production "Ha-Go". They include a new cupola on the turret, and rounded front fenders (the Early-Production type’s fenders were flat and squarely cut off). The frontal armor and glacis plate are suitably modified too, plus the towing hook on the front is new. Meanwhile, the turret and one-piece upper hull and lower hull remain unchanged. They’re still brimming with detail thanks to the widespread use of slide molds. In fact, every single sprue in the kit employs slide molds, which is an astounding achievement! The road wheels, idlers, sprockets and return rollers are slide-molded, whilst the DS slide-molded track links are accurately replicated in miniature so as to incorporate side details. The "Ha-Go" was used in diverse battlefield locations, so modelers can really go to town by producing any scenario such as jungle-clad terrain or a Pacific tropical island!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells IJA Type 95 HA-GO Light Tank Late Prod. (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Armored 1/4TON 4x4Truck mit Bazooka

Art.-Nr.: 500776748

Art.Nr.: 500776748 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Armored 1/4TON 4x4Truck mit Bazooka

The military vehicle known in official US nomenclature as Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4x4, is probably the world’s most famous design in its class. This iconic WWII vehicle was produced from 1941-45, with more than 634,000 rolling off American production lines. They faithfully served not only the US military, but also allies like the UK, France and Russia. These small 4x4 vehicles were employed in numerous battlefield tasks, with one role being that of reconnaissance and scouting. Some vehicles involved in such missions were fitted with steel plates to better protect the occupants, and early efforts soon led to the fitting of specially designed armor kits.

Followed on from a very popular earlier release (Item No.6714), Dragon has produced another exciting 1/35 scale kit of a 1/4-Ton Armored 4x4 Truck. The difference this time around is that it carries two bazookas instead of the original kit’s .50-cal machine gun. The twin bazookas are fitted on a pintle mount that’s newly tooled especially for this release. Such an improvised weapon installation was observed on scout jeeps during the Battle of the Bulge, for example. The vehicle features a solid one-piece body tub for accurate assembly and alignment. Under the hood is an extremely realistic-looking engine that assembles from multiple parts; it can be shown off if the modeler chooses to model the hood up. Atop the hood, the windscreen is depicted wrapped in a canvas cover. The new armor plates are rendered in photo-etched metal to give a true-to-scale appearance, while other metal components provide items such as tool mounting brackets, hood retainers and various straps. All in all, this is one extremely potent little vehicle!

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Armored 1/4TON 4x4Truck mit Bazooka (Smart Kit) im Maßstab 1:35

1:35 Operation Typhoon 1941

Art.-Nr.: 500776735

Art.Nr.: 500776735 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Operation Typhoon 1941

Deutschland startete seinen massiven Einmarsch in die Sowjetunion im Juni 1941 mit dem Ziel, den militärischen und politischen Apparat des Landes zu zerstören und sein Territorium zu erobern. Der Angriff konnte einen frühen Erfolg verzeichnen und die Kräfte der Mittellinie drangen weit nach Russland ein. Die Operation Taifun war Deutschlands strategische Offensive zur Eroberung der Hauptstadt Moskau, Russlands politisches Zentrum. Die Operation bestand aus zwei Zangen nördlich und südlich von Moskau in Form von Panzergruppen sowie einer großen Streitmacht, die sich von Westen direkt auf die Stadt zu bewegte. Die deutschen Kräfte kamen schließlich jedoch, nachdem sie sich mit länger werdenden Versorgungslinien, dem lähmenden Wintereinbruch und dem stärker werdenden Widerstand konfrontiert sahen, in den Außenbezirken von Moskau zum Stillstand. Dieser erbitterte Kampf fand zwischen Oktober 1941 und Januar 1942 statt, bevor die sowjetischen Gegenoffensiven das Blatt wendeten. Der Kampf um Moskau forderte rund eine Million Todesopfer und er stellte den ersten Rückzug Deutschlands dar, von welchem es sich nie mehr erholen sollte.

Das neueste Figurenset von Dragon im Maßstab 1 : 35 stellt deutsche Soldaten der Operation Taifun dar. Die Figuren sind gegen das eiskalte Winterwetter, das die Bedingungen noch gefährlicher werden ließ, eingemummt. Typisch für die Zeit sowie für Deutschlands schlechte Vorbereitung auf eine Kriegsführung im Winter, tragen die vier Soldaten ein Sammelsurium an Kleidung. Ein General trägt einen Schafsfellmantel, eine Bekleidung, die selten im Maßstab 1 : 35 produziert wird. Die Posen sind äußerst lebendig und man kann fast spüren, wie die Kälte durch ihre Kleidung kriecht und wie ihnen das Schneegestöber entgegen bläst.

Diese wohl geformten Figuren können einzeln in einer Szene oder in einer Gruppe zusammen gestellt in einer Winterszene verwendet werden. Dies war der erste strenge Winter, dem die deutschen Truppen

Detailierter Plastikmodellbausatz des Modells Operation Typhoon 1941 im Maßstab 1:35

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