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Carson 1:24 Jeep Willys MB 80th Anniversary

Véhicule militaire 1:24

1:24 Jeep Willys MB 80th Anniversary



Article number: 510003635 Product: 1:24 Willys Jeep MB "80th Anniversary" In 1940, after World War II had broken out, the US general staff ordered various factories to design a light multipurpose vehicle with all-wheel drive. The American Bantam Company, Willys Overland, and Ford Motor Co. competed with each other. Willys prototype was chosen, which, after an initial run of 1500 vehicles, went into mass production at the beginning of1941 and reached a total output of 640.000 units out of which 277.000 pieces were produced by Ford under a licensing agreement. This shows that the Jeep was the most widely produced light vehicle of the war industry during World War II. Even after 80 years, the "Willys" is still considered today, to be the four-wheeled vehicle which is most symbolic of the American army during the Second World War, and thanks to its enthusiasts and collectors, there are many examples of the jeep, still in perfect working order. Detailed plastic kit

Carson 1:24 M-24 “Chaffe” Korean War

Véhicule militaire 1:24

1:24 M-24 “Chaffe” Korean War



Article number: 510006587 Product: 1:24 M-24 "Chaffe" Korean War The M24 Chaffee was deployed to US Army armoured battalions from 1944 onwards to provide a light battlefield tank that could effectively replace the older M3 / M5 Stuart. The configuration of the M-24 was superior to its predecessor in so many ways that it can be considered one of the foremost light tanks that were ever produced. Agile, robust and reliable, it had as its main armament a 75mm M6 cannon with 48 rounds available, a very powerful version indeed of a "light tank". The tank’s armament was complete with its two 12.7 mm Browning machine guns. Following the conclusion of the Second World War, where it’s capabilities had been fully demonstrated, it participated in the Korean War providing support to M4 Sherman tanks and the heavier M26 Pershing. It was also effectively utilised in advanced reconnaissance roles or providing close infantry support. Detailed plastic kit in scale 1:24

Italeri 1:24 Land Rover Fire Truck

Véhicule militaire 1:24

1:24 Land Rover Fire Truck


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Article number: 510003660 Product: 1/24 Land Rover Fire Truck Length of the model 185 mm New Parts The "Land Rover" was certainly one of the most famous symbols of "Made in England" automobile production and is a real milestone in the history of off-road vehicles. It was born immediately after the war, with the first prototypes realized on 1947. It has been characterized by the 4x4 traction system and by a robust and reliable design able to tackle the most difficult and challenging trails. The aluminum body provide lightness but, at the same time, more resistance against corrosions and more durable in time. In 1971, when the III Series was introduced, more than 1,000,000 of Land Rovers has been produced. Available in two versions: the "standard " one and the "long wheel base". Thanks to its extraordinary versatility was used in both military and civilian duties. Interesting the versions realized for the Fire Departments and made with the firefighting equipment. Detailed Plastic Kit

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